When are you open?

How much is cover?

Can I make a reservation?




Can I make a guest list?

Can I rent the room to book a special event?

Where can I pick up my will call tickets?


You can contact us here to discuss availability and rental rates.


Where can I buy tickets to an upcoming show?

I lost my belongings or left them stored somewhere other than coat check, can I come get them?

I left my credit card with a bartender and forgot about it! Can I come get it?


Contact us here and we will see if they're in our lost and found. Hopefully we've got your stuff, and we'd love to get it back to you! However, we do not accept any liability for items left unattended outside of coat check.

You bet! Contact us here to make arrangements to pick it up.

I left my things in coat check, can I come get them?

My little brother and/or sister stole my ID and tried to get into your club with it, but your keen-eyed doormen confiscated the ID. Can I come get it back?

If you've still got your ticket, we've still got your belongings, and we'll keep them safe for a reasonable amount of time. Contact us here to make arrangements to pick them up. If you lost the ticket, it is possible that somebody else found the ticket and claimed your belongings as though they were theirs. We really hope this didn't happen, but please give us a call so we can check before you make the trip down.

No, identity fraud is a serious crime and we are NOT allowed to return ID used fraudulently to its rightful owner. We return all confiscated

identification (as well as lost and found ID which isn't claimed for a month) to the issuing agency; if the agency is out of province, we return driver's licenses to ICBC and passports to Passport Canada.

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